Pharmacy Services

Medilab Compounding Pharmacy Services is a 100% locally owned compounding pharmacy that prepares human prescriptions. We provide a valuable service to physicians and their patients by creating prescriptions based on customized formulas that are not commercially available. Our pharmacy features personalized service, state-of-the-art formulation laboratories, pharmaceutical vitamins, and supplements.

What is compounding pharmacy?

Compounded drugs are specially formulated to meet a patient’s needs based on a doctor’s prescription. Partnering with trained compounding pharmacists allows us to blend different ingredients to create personalized medications for you, in customized strengths and dosages, without contacting an outsourced facility.

Compounding Services in Medilab Pharmacy

New technologies and innovative technologies have increased the possibilities of installation. The most common compounds prescribed in Medilab Compounding are as unique as the individual patients for whom they are formulated and include:
  • Bioidentical hormone therapy, including plant hormones in various dosage forms
  • Muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs, without common side effects, can be formulated locally to target pain at the site.
  • Complex prescriptions for solving aesthetic and therapeutic problems
  • Adrenal dysfunction and thyroid support
If you need a prescription for non-sterile dosage forms such as creams, ointments, lotions, syrups, capsules, suppositories, and medications, Medilab Compounding pharmacy can provide you with those.

We are certified experts!

Compounds are packaged in our state-of-the-art, non-sterile compounding centers, allowing us to formulate each drug to exact specifications.

Patient Portal

Create a patient account to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Submit your prescription
  • Track the status of prescriptions and packages
  • Request a refill
  • Full-featured control panel with easy access controls
  • Live updates to keep you constantly informed
  • Easily manage and update your account information

Prescribers' Portal

Create a Prescriber account to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Easy to use 24/7 prescription generator
  • Submit and download a new prescription
  • Track the status of your prescription
  • Manage and view your prescriptions and their packaging
  • A full-featured dashboard to keep you updated on patient status
  • Easily manage essential account information
Sometimes only specific doses or certain combinations of certain drugs are discontinued. Our professional pharmacists can assist by sourcing the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and formulating the necessary medication at the most appropriate dose, dosage form, and flavor for each patient. We can also produce medicines free of problematic ingredients such as sugar, alcohol, preservatives, colors, and gluten. We use the best-approved chemicals, adhere to current USP guidelines, and are licensed and regulated by the State Board of Pharmacy.

How to get installation service in Medilab compounding?

If you are a prescriber, we work with medical professionals to help determine the best type of compounded prescription for all kinds of patients.
You can submit a prescription through your office’s electronic- scribe system or contact us by phone or fax:

Phone: 813-655-9800
Fax: 813-655-4567
We can help create customized medications for your needs if you are sick. We will also converse with your doctor to create customized medications to best meet your medical conditions and health requirements. If you have questions, kindly contact us for more information on compounding pharmacy services for patients and prescribers.