We are a premium compounding pharmacy and health care problem solvers and can customize local health challenges for groups and employers with licensed expert care for many years. We arae also rooted in the communities in which we are located and are the most accessible health care providers in America. Similarly, we actively participate in community-oriented public and civic health projects and volunteer work. We trust that everybody deserves affordable and convenient healthcare. We deliver intelligent solutions that help people reach their highest physical and mental potential.

Principles that guide us

  • Concentrate on what is best for our patients, caregivers, and practitioners
  • Exceeds expectations
  • Better than yesterday, getting better every day
  • Set the bar for what compounding pharmacy can and should be.

Our Mission

Medilab Compounding protects and promotes the interests of independent pharmacists whose current and future success is critical to their patients, their communities, and the health care system.
Our mission is to create better ways for people to find the proper care at the best price. Our technology gives all Americans – regardless of income or insurance status – the knowledge, choice, and care they need to stay healthy.

Who we are

  • We are focused on continued growth and prosperity.
  • We are the Medilab Compounding pharmacy that represents independent pharmacists’ professional and property interests and will work vigorously to promote and protect these interests.
  • We concentrate on high-quality pharmacist care and restoring, maintaining, and promoting the health and well-being of the people we serve.
  • We will do everything to ensure that independent compounding pharmacists can participate in a free and fair marketplace.
  • We will use our resources to achieve this objective ethically and socially responsibly.

Extend your reach with Medilab Compounding

Medilab Compounding can help you develop a customized multimedia marketing approach that keeps your company’s name and products in front of loyal and valued customers, healthcare professionals, and independent compounding pharmacy small business owners year-round.


Medilab Compounding Pharmacy is proud of our rich history and welcomes your interest in employment opportunities with us.

Why work in Medilab Compounding?

We have a talented staff of diverse backgrounds and interests committed to a common goal – to increase the reach and impact of compounding pharmacists – and are working hard to achieve that goal.

We launched Medilab Compounding to make prescription and healthcare pricing more transparent.

Like many Americans, we thought a job providing health insurance would give us access to quality health care at a reasonable price. Even with insurance, the prescription needed costs more at a regular drug store. Every drugstore has a different price, and they are all outrageous. We learned two things: One, insurance doesn’t guarantee you affordable care. And second, we can compare prices online for everything without a prescription. We started Medilab compounding pharmacy to solve these two problems. We needed a way for consumers – insured or not – to sort through the confusing and expensive health care system. And find the treatment you need at a price you can afford.