How to Make Medicines More Effective

We all rely on the potency of our medications when we are sick at home. Most individuals don’t frequently visit the doctor. They just take note of the medications prescribed the last time they were sick. However, we need to take note that commercially-sold medications are intended to make everyone feel better and recover from illness. Despite the aid it brings to our health, it also has negative effects when taken incorrectly.

When the body ingests medicines, it does it all at once. That is the reason why there are specific timings on when medications should be taken. The time of the day and the state of the body upon taking the medication greatly affects its potency. To get the maximum effect of the prescription drugs, here are 6 applicable tips you can follow:

Always Have a Medication Guide

You can never tell when an emergency happens. If you have more than 3 medicines to adhere daily, make a guide that you can carry wherever you go. Put in the guide the preferred brand name and the generic name of the drug. Also indicate the drug form, the timing, and the dosage. So in case of help is needed, the guide can be easily followed.

Let Your Physician Know

When visiting the physician, inform him/her about the other medications that you are taking other than what is prescribed. Other drugs interact differently with other drugs when taken all together, not unless if it’s intended as a combination. Supplements and vitamins can alter the effects of the drug on the body. It is really crucial that you always let the physician know when they are prescribing new medications.

Know Your Medicine’s Side and Adverse Effects

Physicians always discuss the usual side effects of the drug and the worse case scenario. Take note of the side effects so you would know when to contact your doctor. If there are effects that are unexpected and unusual, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor. Medicines are generally good for the body. Negative effects of medications are sometimes brought about by combining them without doctor’s orders.

Always Take Medicines with Water

Water helps in the fast absorption of all oral medications, so when taking one, always go for water and nothing else. Water is the universal solvent. It can dissolve almost anything inside the body. Some take medicines with soft drinks or juices which are greatly contraindicated. These liquids can irritate the stomach lining which can alter the drug effect .

Medicines are invented to help individuals in their daily lives. It is not just for the sick. The general rule when taking medications is FOLLOW THE DOCTOR’S ORDERS.

They are available not only at pharmacies but also in hospitals.

An increasing number of hospitals are turning to compounded medication to support patients during recovery from a procedure or illness. These drugs are usually made to specific requirements and are therefore suitable for use in particular situations. For example, suppose you are allergic to any ingredients in the medicine your doctor wants you to take. In this case, a compounding pharmacy can remove the allergen and make a safer version of the same drug just for you.

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