Frequently Asked Questions

In compounding, the drug can be customized according to the needs of a particular patient. Everything can be cstomized with the compouund, from giving doses to adding flavors. Compounding medication is made to facilitate drug administration to patients.

It is a special method because it will take more time to prepare compounding prescriptions than traditional medicine. The time it takes to get compounding drugs also varies according to the medication.
Medilab compounding takes quality guarantees very seriously. We have certified and trained staff to carry out their duties. We first send samples of individual drugs to independent laboratories to test their effectiveness. Then, we adhere to the guidelines set by the nationally renowned team of scholars.
There are many reasons to look for compounding drugs:

  • Custom compounding drugs may be safer than alternatives
  • If the patient is allergic to the ingredients, compounding medications are the ideal option
  • Compounding services may be required when the desired strength, dosage, or ingredients are not commercially available.
Compounding is a central function of pharmacy practice. Pharmacists in pharmacy schools are taught how to prepare medicines properly, and many states test their combined knowledge and skills before licensing pharmacists. In addition, pharmacists practicing in 7,500 pharmacies specializing in compounding services usually receive advanced training in synthesis after graduating from the College of Pharmacy.
State pharmacy boards regulate synthesis practice. Community and hospital pharmacists may be exempt from the Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1938 if they follow the rules described in Section 503A. However, all pharmacists and pharmacies involved in the formulation are under the control of federal and state authorities.
The Food and Drug Administration recognizes that practicing medical compounding is an important public health option for patients who need a drug that is not commercially available. However, to ensure patient safety, compounding medicines must be prescribed by a licensed practitioner and pharmacist and comply with the rules framed by state boards of pharmacy.
Anyone can take compounding medications. However, many drugs are made primarily for older adults and children because they sometimes require special doses or prescription forms to take their medications. Kids don’t always get the prescription they need because of the taste or smell, and we offer delicious flavors to make your child take medicine.