What Are Opioids: The Basics

What Are Opioids: The Basics Opioids are medications that are used to treat moderate to extreme pain after trauma, surgery, or during severe health conditions such as cancer. These are medications that are not available over-the-counter at your community pharmacy in Florida and require a prescription to get, due to their strength and the possibility … Continue reading

Diabetes: What Can You Do to Control It?

Diabetes: What Can You Do to Control It? Diabetes is a condition where your body is unable to produce insulin to control your blood sugar levels. This could potentially lead to serious risks if you are not careful. Living with diabetes, while it can be effectively managed, can be tough at times. Every day is … Continue reading

Opioids: Weighing Its Pros and Cons

Opioids: Weighing Its Pros and Cons Will it be beneficial to take opioid analgesic as a cure for pain? Fentanyl, hydrocodone, morphine, and oxycodone are among the pain-relief drugs which fall under the category of medications termed as opioids. Before a patient could take and purchase this particular group of medications from a medicine shop … Continue reading

Important Role of Pharmacies in the Community

Important Role of Pharmacies in the Community Can you imagine a world without pharmacies? Will patients be able to survive if there are no available drugstores near them? Are hospitalized patients going to live without an established store where they can buy their medications? Even though herbs may be helpful in easing some symptoms of … Continue reading

Why Medicines Have to Be Taken as Ordered

Why Medicines Have to Be Taken as Ordered A lot of people self-medicate at home and neglect the possible negative effects a single drug can cause. Medicines are made to treat illness, minimize side effects, and alleviate pain. If these are taken incorrectly it can also give harmful effects which can lead to fatality. When … Continue reading

How to Make Medicines More Effective We all rely on the potency of our medications when we are sick at home. Most individuals don’t frequently visit the doctor. They just take note of the medications prescribed the last time they were sick. However, we need to take note that commercially-sold medications are intended to make … Continue reading

What Is The Importance Of Compounded Medications?

What Is The Importance Of Compounded Medications, What Is It, And How Does It Work? There are various types of medications available in the market, each with its production method. Some medicines are prepackaged for the customer to take at home. These are “pre-made” medicines because they have already been manufactured and packaged to be … Continue reading

Even with the most advanced cancer treatment options at our disposal, the battle against the life-threatening condition of cancer remains devastatingly hard. Treatments like chemotherapy, although effective, can put an enormous strain on an afflicted patient’s body. As such, patients and care providers are always looking for solutions that could make the ensuing cancer treatment … Continue reading

Compounded drugs can be defined as medication that is customized to meet the clinical needs of patients, which cannot be otherwise met through commercially available products that are approved by the FDA. Take for example a patient that has trouble swallowing solid pills. He/she can approach a compounding pharmacy to make a liquid version of … Continue reading