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Even with the most advanced cancer treatment options at our disposal, the battle against the life-threatening condition of cancer remains devastatingly hard. Treatments like chemotherapy, although effective, can put an enormous strain on an afflicted patient’s body. As such, patients and care providers are always looking for solutions that could make the ensuing cancer treatment as manageable as possible.
Fortunately, there is a way to accomplish this by customizing how the medication is administered to patients. That is exactly what compounding pharmacies like Medilab Compounding are trying to achieve today.
This article will shed light on how compounded medicine is making cancer treatment more tolerable for patients and more manageable for care providers.
So without much further ado, let’s get started by first taking a look at Antineoplastic Drugs.

Antineoplastic Drugs and its Compounded Version

Antineoplastic Drugs are drugs administered during chemotherapy. They are undoubtedly one of the most effective cancer treatments cancer patients have today. However, as we mentioned before, chemotherapy isn’t a comfortable experience. It tests a patient’s endurance. It can be painful, exhausting, and overwhelming to say the least.
This is large because Antineoplastic drugs work by killing cancer cells. In the process, they may end up attacking healthy cells as well. This results in cancer patients experiencing agonizing side effects. Patients can find respite from these side effects by taking compounded Antineoplastic drugs.
Compounding works on the premise that every patient will have unique needs. As such, with a compounded drug, patients get medication that is tailored to best suit their specific needs.

What is Compounded Medication?

The act of compounding medication refers to the process of mixing, combining, or altering ingredients in medication to best suit a patient’s specific needs. There are many reasons why a patient would want to seek out a compounding pharmacy. For instance, most patients who find it difficult to swallow solid pills can have liquid versions of the same drug made via a compounding pharmacy for convenience. Compounding pharmacies also become ideal destinations when a specific dosage or formulation of a drug isn’t easily available in a standard pharmacy.

Cancer Treatment and Compounding Pharmacies

It would be wrong to assume that all aspects of one’s cancer treatment take place in hospital settings. Sometimes when a patient needs special treatment, they will be recommended to a special compounding pharmacy.
Now, a traditional pharmacy will not offer services that are essential when dealing with a condition as severe as cancer. This is where special compounding pharmacies that create customized versions of drugs based on each specific patient’s condition come into play. For instance, a typical cancer treatment drug available at a standard pharmacy may contain ingredients that a patient might have a low tolerance to.
A compounding pharmacy can develop a customized version of the drug that a patient can consume without worries. It is important to note, however, that the drugs that are provided by a compounding pharmacy require extensive support from practitioners. Patients should consult with their practitioners before approaching a compounding pharmacy.

Tips to Select only the Best Compounding Pharmacies?

There are tons of compounding pharmacies out there that promise the moon in their promotional materials. However, only a few are reputable enough to live up to that promise. We recommend you follow the below steps to find a pharmacy that you can trust:

  • Do your due diligence, and study the pharmacy’s online profile carefully. This includes their website, the FAQ section, and testimonials from past clients. Opt for a pharmacy that enjoys a good reputation and a substantial experience in offering compounded medication to cancer patients.
  • Consult with your insurance provider. Most insurance companies will refer patients to the ideal compounding pharmacist.
  • Have a conversation with the representatives of the pharmacy. Let them know about your needs and understand whether they will be capable of meeting your specific requirements.
  • Let the compounding pharmacy know if you are currently taking any medications or are on any supplements.
That said, if a reputable compounding pharmacy that is home to expert compounding pharmacists is what you seek, then we recommend you look no further than Medilab Compounding in Florida.
Being a widely respected clinical compounding pharmacy in Florida, we make sure the medications you order from us are available to you within 24 hours. We offer troches, transdermal gels, lip balms, suppositories, and hormone replacement therapy. We also specialize in creating custom mix creams, capsules, solutions, lotions, etc. All you have to do is tell us your requirements. Check out our drug catalog. Below are just a few examples of the compounding services in Florida that we offer:

  • We make liquid options for individuals who have trouble swallowing pills.
  • If you are allergic to a particular substance, our compounding chemist can make that medication for you without that substance as the ingredient.
  • We offer bioidentical hormone therapy if you are someone who takes hormones.
We recommend you contact us to learn more about our services.